Adidas Glitch: a tech and commercial revolution

Not in stores nor on the Adidas e-shop, the Glitch is only available through a secret code released by influencers and an app…

By Digital Published on 24 October 2017 Related colors NellyRodi

After London and Berlin, Adidas launched its “Glitch” stud model in Paris last week. If this model’s technology is already innovative – the shoes are made of interchangeable inner and outer skin, with a unique and customizable design, and without shoelaces -, its commercial launch in Paris is even more so…

Photo © Adidas Glitch, Footpack

Adidas plays the exclusivity and virality cards generated by local influencers. Indeed, to get a pair of Glitch customers must recover a code that only Parisian Instragrammers and YouTubers have, to then place an order through a dedicated app created for the occasion. Marc Makowski – in charge of this project – announced his desire to innovate while no longer focusing solely on professional footballers but by also getting inspiration from street football figures with creative profiles and an engaged community. Hence, influencers become sales-generators and allow Adidas to widen its audience while gathering customer data. Among those symbolic figures, Presnel Kimpembe, pure Parisian and player at the Paris Saint-Germain, and other influencers like Jordan Dutouya, Pinsky, the Footpack website, and freestylers from S3 Society…

Buyers also become prescribers by receiving 10 unique codes to share and spread in their own network. They then become ambassadors of the three strips brand within their own community and friends.

Photo © Adidas Glitch

A new launch strategy which directly touches potential customers allowing visibility within a well targeted audience (for instance contrary to a basic add campaign which would permit a more global and brief exposure) and comes with a quick delivery system: Adidas commits to delivering the Glitch in 4 hours in Paris and 24 hours in the neighboring region.

No number has been communicated so far on this first operation, but Adidas seems to be planning other projects of this type. A real inspiration and a call for innovation to other brands.

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