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Chinese fashion was a hot ticket at the New York Fashion Week of February 2018…

By Félina Reydellet Published on 16 February 2018 Share

The Council of Fashion Designer highlighted China on the last day of NYFW, when two brands, one designer and Tmall, the e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba, presented their latest collections. Jessica Liu, President of Tmall Fashion and Luxury, noted that “having observed real emulation of the Chinese fashion scene, we set out to show that Tmall was oriented towards on-trend brands and designers. We contacted the CFDA and found them very open and willing to consider innovative initiatives. Their interest went beyond this collaborative effort – they really wanted to do something meaningful for the industry.”


The Li-Ning sportswear label, started in 1990 by the Chinese gymnast that gave it his name,  presented a collection inspired by Taoism. These garments reflect the designer’s philosophical exploration of the ramifications of time and man’s influence on Nature.


This Chinese ready-to-wear label, established in 1995, may not be a household name in the West, but it’s listed on the stock market and boasts more than 4,000 stores in Asia.

For this season, it has created a collection celebrating American culture of the 1980s and ’90s in collaboration with the Coca-Cola soft drink company.

Tmall China Day: Peacebird Men's Fall 2018
Tmall China Day: Peacebird Men's Fall 2018
Tmall China Day: Peacebird Men's Fall 2018
Tmall China Day: Peacebird Men's Fall 2018

Pen Cheng

This Chinese designer presented a collection of genderless, “one-sized” designs directly inspired by consumer insights. In an inclusive thought process, he involves customers to give them a voice in the creation of the garments that they will eventually purchase.

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