COS celebrates the cut

Through a technical manual and a mini-collection, COS – H&M’s little sister – celebrates the minimalist cuts and volumes which made its success and expertise…

By Ellie Michel Published on 25 October 2017 Related colors NellyRodi

Behind the minimalist cuts and volumes of the brand COS, there is Usha Doshi, designer and teacher at the Royal College of Art. If she operates on the brand’s shapes since the creation the sister of H&M’s studio in 2007, her expertise is showcased today in a new project entitled “Creating with Shapes”: a technical book celebrating the cut accompanied by a capsule collection illustrating this work around volume and fabric.

Photo © COS, Creating with Shapes book

In this manual, Usha Doshi explores the possibility of designing an item of clothing using seven basic shapes, inspired by her grandchildren’s cut-outs: a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a diamond, a circle, an oval and an octagon.

If COS relies on these basic rules since its launch, this celebration through two prisms – the book and the mini-collection – materializes the brand’s expertise more than ever.

Photo © COS, Creating withe Shape collection
Photo © COS, Creating with Shapes collection
Photo © COS, Creating with Shapes book
Photo © COS, Creating with Shapes book
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