SpeedFactory by Adidas: The Future is How We Create

Created for local runners thanks to the SpeedFactory, Adidas launches new hyper personalized models of running shoes…

By Ellie Michel Published on 12 October 2017 Related colors NellyRodi

“SpeedFactory” is the name given to the factory of the future created by Adidas in Ansbach, Germany. Thanks to a digital twin, cutting-edge robots, and the data of the three band brand’s runners, Adidas is adapting better than everyone to local needs.

From October 19, Adidas will feature new running models build from athlete data and adapted to the runners of different cities thus meeting their needs depending on the environment in which their exercise (location, time, weather…).

The first, baptized AM4LDN for Adidas Made For London, will be specifically for Londoners. The following week, Adidas will offer his personalized model for Parisian runners. And in 2018, the brand already plans to develop its concept for New York and Los Angeles in the United States, then Shanghai and Tokyo for Asia.

Photo © Adidas AM4LDN

Genuine lever of differentiation for the company, the factory created by Adidas fascinates because of the technologies it uses, mixing robotics and digital to gain in flexibility: robots can be reconfigured quickly, digital twin allowing to reduce development cycles, integration of connectivity in products thanks to chips gathering user data of runners…

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