“Niido powered by Airbnb”, Airbnb’s new project

After many evolutions in its offer during the last few months, Airbnb just unveiled one of its latest projects …

By Ellie Michel Published on 16 October 2017 Related colors NellyRodi

After several upgrades in its offer over the last few months (travelling agency, flight booking platform, restaurant reservations in partnership with Resy), Airbnb just unveiled one of its latest projects: “Niido powered by Airbnb”.

The company works in collaboration with the Newgard Development Group – a real estate developer in Florida – to build an Airbnb building. The aim is to rent the 300 accommodations to individuals who would wish to sub-let them through the platform later-on with a maximum duration of 180 days per year.

The building will have flat and bedding cleaning services, a reception, and a dedicated app to manage locations. Flats will also be equipped with secured storage for tenants.

Airbnb once again has an answer for its opponents after setting up the “Friendly Building Program” aimed at helping landlords define conditions for tenants wishing to sub-let their property on Airbnb, obtaining if they wish a distribution of the earnings over the benefits.

The American hotel giant 3.0 claims wanting to eliminate obstacles by encouraging home sharing and creating solutions for all.

This first building marks the beginning of a new step for Airbnb which aims to offer 2000 accommodations of this type within 2 years…

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