Space 10 by Ikea: a greenhub to save the world

A seaweed-producing architectural masterpiece to solve some of the greatest global issues of our time …

By Ellie Michel Published on 20 September 2017 Related colors NellyRodi

Space 10 – an innovation laboratory by the Swedish Ikea – collaborated with three young architects in the creation of a four-meter high bioreactor dome for Copenhagen’s Chart Art Fair.

If the architectural and spatial experience seem unique, the Algae dome has also grown 450 liters of microalgae during the three-day fair. The operation’s goal was to showcase spirulina – one of the future’s sustainable foods – by distributing snacks created by a Chef for the occasion and triggering conversations on the ways large quantities of this nutritious algae can be grown in the heart of cities, aiming to reduce the impact of humans on the planet.

Photo © A sample of the previously mentioned spirulina chips by SPACE10’s chef-in-residence Simon Perez

We were mentioning them a few months ago, these microalgae are filled with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, containing up to 50 times more iron than spinach for instance, and twice as much protein as meat.

Space 10 claims to make a point of improving nutrition systems thanks to this exploration of food’s future. Algae could bring answers to some major global issues from malnutrition, the reduction of fossil fuels, as well as decreasing deforestation, improving air quality, reducing pollution, and the decline of global warming…

Photo © Seaweed focus
Photo © SPACE10’s chef-in-residence Simon Perez is experimenting with mixing it into a hotdog dough
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