“Twenty”, the inspiring eco-concept

From creams to cleaning products, most household products contain over 80% of water. What if this water was skipped from production and added later by the consumer?

By Ellie Michel Published on 17 October 2017 Related colors NellyRodi

This is Mirjam De Bruijn’s genius idea with the creation of her fictitious label “Twenty” (for “20%”). The goal is to set an example for the industry with a concept allowing to save on a lot of pointless transportations, CO2 emissions and packaging.

Photo © Twenty

Recent graduate of Eindhoven’s Design Academy – especially with her Twenty project – Mirjam De Bruijn uses design as a tool to further push critical research and studies. They offer genuinely functional products with a choice of materials, colors and shapes making them attractive. It is an exploration of the frontiers between function and esthetics thus letting her find an optimal balance in this concept.

Photo © Twenty, Shampoo
Photo © Twenty, Cleaner

Twenty sets the example with a detergent, washing-up “liquid”, and a shampoo all concentrated, available in powders, tablets and capsules. Once at home, only water needs to be added to the packaging to use the product…

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