The founders

Nelly Rodi


Pierre-François Le Louët


Established in 1985, the agency owes everything to its founder, Nelly Rodi, a woman of strong personality and visionary insights. Her professional career took off thanks to her expertise in textiles and included a ten-year stint as head of the Comité de Coordination des Industries de la Mode, an organization set up in the 1950s to encourage the French fashion sector to coordinate and forecast style trends, a first in France.

In 1993, Nelly Rodi introduced an innovative work method calling for a unique mix of creativity, marketing techniques and the ability to read consumer attitudes. The idea was to shed light on emerging trends and how they are perceived by consumers.

The agency’s new marketing orientation was confirmed in 2001 by the decisive arrival of Pierre-François Le Louët, appointed CEO in 2003. Holding degrees from the ESCP Europe business school, Université Paris I-Sorbonne and the Institut Français de la Mode, he started out as a staffer at the French Senate before joining L’Oréal’s marketing crew in 1998. He is also known to have a passion for contemporary art.

Under his leadership, the agency strengthened its sociological grasp of current lifestyles, grew its business abroad and fine-tuned ways and means of projecting the future, including its annual seminar “The Creative Journey”.

While the agency has always claimed to be Parisian in culture, imbued with the creative energy and cultural influence associated with the French capital, it has also set its sights on international horizons. NellyRodi opened an office in Japan in 1987 and, in 2016, an office in the United States after being represented for nearly 20 years on the American market. It also relies on an extensive network of correspondents in sixteen countries.

Overall, the NellyRodi portfolio consists of 1,200 clients, 120 consulting engagements/year and 19 annual publications. In addition, the agency runs a digital inspiration and collaboration platform (

Today, Nelly Rodi is:

– an authorized representative of the Chairmen of two Chambers of Commerce and Industries (Ile-de-France region and Paris) for the “Creative, Fashion and Design” sector.

– Co-chair of the Immaterial Innovation for Industry Network (R3iLab), a network for professionals in textiles, fashion and associated industries

– Chairperson of the Board for La Fabrique, a school that trains artisans for the fashion and decoration sectors

– Board member for the  Institut Français de la Mode, the Committee for Franco-Japanese Exchange and Le Lieu du Design (association promoting the design profession and innovation through design).

Nelly Rodi has been decorated with the insignia of “Officier de la Légion d’Honneur” and “Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite”.


Pierre-François Le Louët is currently:

– CEO, NellyRodi Paris and NellyRodi Inc. in New York

– Executive Director, NellyRodi Japan (Tokyo)

– President, NellyRodi MoneyBox (an investmant affiliate specialized in financial shareholding and development assistance)

– Board member, Syndicat de Paris de la Mode Féminine (since 2007)- President (elected 2016) , Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin; Board Member of same from 2007 to 2010 and 2013 to the present.

– Vice-President, Union Française des Industries Mode Habillement & Union Française des Arts du Costume

– Board member for the Institut Français de la Mode, and the Comité de Promotion et de Développement de l’Habillement.

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