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Innovation & Creativity Agency

NellyRodi is an innovation and creativity agency with offices in Paris, Tokyo and New York. The agency has become a name to be reckoned with internationally in the application of forward thinking to industry and the service sector.

Our work requires a thorough grasp of contemporary society, specific business sectors and their dynamics, as well as qualified and quantified data. Armed with this knowledge, we assist brands, investment funds and collective organizations in matters relative to their strategic development, marketing, products/range, retail presence and digital ecosystem.

The creative process is the central focus of our modus operandi and our methods. In a world subject to ongoing, profound change, brands need to achieve singularity, innovation and on-target marketing. To this end, they must demonstrate bold creativity and master the use of consumer data.

Creative minds and bold thinking to get tomorrow right today


The work we do – our analysis, process of reflection and recommendations – gives our clients a clearer picture of how their business ecosystem fits into the global context.
We make recommendations based on detailed, comprehensive observations of social, marketing and creative trends, seeking to guide our clients in directions conducive to their business development.

Backed by NellyRodi's international future-forward expertise, we not only provide strategic support at the highest levels, i.e. to senior management and investors, but also at the field and operational level.

Our recommendations identify key factors to help the client "get tomorrow right today." We specify which business and image levers to pull in order to achieve the client's goal, which might be to successfully reposition a brand, win over a new target group, develop a new product or rethink a business.

Our practice areas

NellyRodi draws on its expertise in:

  • Publishing
  • Consulting
  • Digital
to decipher trends in a given sector, identify the dynamics in play and lead a process of forward-thinking.
Responsive and client-oriented, NellyRodi aims to deliver stand-out custom solutions marked by singularity, intriguing concepts and bold creativity.

Manifesto & Engagement

The world is seeing deep, structural and rapid change.

At NellyRodi, we believe a new world has already emerged.

This brave new world is horizontal, collective, daring and socially responsible. It has the potential to unite leaders and talents under a single banner, i.e. the pursuit of innovation while respecting individuals and the planet.

It's a world of intrepid creativity and charismatic personalities in which the consumers acts in turn as marketing director, influencer and specifier. Creativity has changed! Creatives with formal training no longer have a monopoly on the innovation process.

It's a world of data, not cold and rigid, but sensitive and qualified.

This creative world is our playing field. Our aim is to help bring about digital transformation, track generational renewal and develop new solutions that are at once viable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our area of expertise

NellyRodi teams are structured by project and by client.

Our business started in the creative sphere of tendencies and trends, but the scope of our services now extends to the new tech and service industries.

We uses the tools of qualitative exploratory research including surveys (field, point-of-sale, competition, immersion/internal audit), focus groups and workshops (creative and other). The combination of this approach, our data-sensitive culture and our creative skills is a powerful one.

Our services are :


e.g. corporate audits, development scenarios, brand platforms, product offer platforms, brand awareness surveys and retail surveys


e.g. the development and promotion of products/collections, merchandising


digital roll-out of brand platforms, trends and insights, e-commerce strategies, influence strategies, brand content, etc.


Generational, consumer and sector-specific studies and surveys (e.g. luxury, mobility and fashion)


Editorial strategy, editorial guidelines, content creation and execution

Graphic and visual

visual/graphic guidelines, style codes and brand signature.

Our partnerships

NellyRodi's data, innovation and creativity tools were developed and modeled in collaboration with Google and DACO.

Pierre-François LE LOUET, CEO of NellyRodi, is also President of the French federation of fashion and ready-to-wear.

Our clients (2016/2017)


The agency

NellyRodi is an innovation and creativity agency with offices in Paris, Tokyo and New York. The agency has become a name to be reckoned with internationally in the application of forward thinking to industry and the service sector.

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