Beautylab Spring-Summer 2020

And what if doubts, prejudices and concerns had no hold on us? What if we dared to throw ourselves – with only our intuition to guide us – into the unknown? There is great beauty in the giddy call of the void. It is the absolute thrill of letting ourselves,drift – further, higher and stronger – with only the certainty that something else is possible, somewhere else can be invented, and a better version of ourselves exists. As the world is progressing in the chaos of darkness, we will become its beacons. We must light our lanterns and blaze a path with a ray of hope. Become do-it-yourselfers, hackers and dreamers. Launch ourselves into new, virtuous models yet to be defined. We must not be tepid, timid or timorous. We must jump!



Edito – Page 2

Table of content – Page 3

Socio style Observatory by NellyRodi – Page 8

Interview of experts – Page 4

Theme 1: Holiness – Page 10

Theme 2 : Invincible – Page 34

Theme 3 : Vision – Page 54

Theme 4 : Spotlight – Page 72

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