Color Intelligence Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Here we are, finally and fully in the 2020s decade. Far from weighing us down, the double-20 is the sign of new beginnings and weʼre tempted to write “2.0.” What makes us believe in this (re)generation ? Above all, the vital urgency and obligation to defend our environmental heritage pushes us to become active solution-finders. We have to look for agile ways to protect the only inheritance that counts: land, air and seas. Making sure they endure ensures our future! Generation Alpha, the up-and-coming age group, is perfectly aware of the situation. Ultra-informed, hyper-connected, experts on past decades but devoid of all nostalgia, these future world citizens are going to show us how to take a new look at the past. They’ll help us draw on our history and our inner selves to discover ingenious gifts.


Color Intelligence is the sociological reference & creative that, using photographs and color ranges decodes transversely the new aesthetic. Sociological insights, portraits of emerging talents, 50 colors on plexiglass, threads and fabrics, dozens of harmonies put the color in perspective of an analysis of the air of time.




Point of view

Key Colors

NellyRodi Socio Style Observatory

Theme 1 : Strange Sensuality – Page 8

Theme 2 : Folk Utility – Page 32

Thème 3 : Wonder-ground – Page 56

Thème 4 : Industrial Delicacy – Page 80

Toolbox (Colors spotlight, Colors evolution, Colors flow) – Page 145

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