Color Intelligence Spring-Summer 2020

And what if doubts, prejudices and concerns had no hold on us? What if we dared to throw ourselves – with only our intuition to guide us – into the unknown? There is great beauty in the giddy call of the void. It is the absolute thrill of letting ourselves,drift – further, higher and stronger – with only the certainty that something else is possible, somewhere else can be invented, and a better version of ourselves exists. As the world is progressing in the chaos of darkness, we will become its beacons. We must light our lanterns and blaze a path with a ray of hope. Become do-it-yourselfers, hackers and dreamers. Launch ourselves into new, virtuous models yet to be defined. We must not be tepid, timid or timorous. We must jump!


Color Intelligence is the sociological reference & creative that, using photographs and color ranges decodes transversely the new aesthetic. Sociological insights, portraits of emerging talents, 50 colors on plexiglass, threads and fabrics, dozens of harmonies put the color in perspective of an analysis of the air of time …




Point of view

Key Colors

NellyRodi Socio Style Observatory

Theme 1 : Holiness – Page 10

Theme 2 : Invincible – Page 30

Thème 3 : Vision – Page 50

Thème 4 : Spotlight – Page 70

Toolbox (Colors spotlight, Colors evolution, Colors flow) – Page 145

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