Innovative Trends 2019 ENGLISH VERSION

1500,00 HT

Insights & Consumer Attitudes,
Digital & Technological Innovations
& Creative Inspirations :


• How to anticipate the contemporary world of tomorrow?
• What future for the empathic corporate?
• What place for curation in brand strategies?


Innovative Trends 2019 is the new societal and innovative Observatory created by the Insights and Digital NellyRodi teams. They analyze and decode new consumer standards and uses with a cross-sector prism, and then confront weak signals, consumer expectations and key messages from # SXSW # 2019 to develop forward-looking scenarios for tomorrow.


Among the covered topics in this new edition : collaborative & empathy, inclusive strategy, new scenarios of friction and emotion in the customer experience, social responsibility as a strategic lever…

This presentation is downloadable. It can also be the subject of a 1h30 presentation in your enterprise with a team composed of two senior speakers. Please contact  Claudine Martin for more informations.

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