Life & Style 2020

It evokes a summons, a desire, an ideal, a heady glow.

The mood for the decade of 2020 embraces connection, confluence and exchange in the face of contemporary obstacles. The impulse toward unity trumps risk-taking, and the power of relationship offers multiple paths toward reconciliation. Recognizing and celebrating difference is seen as a shared adventure, and those who truly aspire to liberation and creative inspiration are more willing than ever to tolerate any associated discomfort.


This annual publication explains new consumer behavior, attitudes, values and lifestyles. The forward reaching vision covers design, interior design, architecture, retail, electronics, fitness, gastronomy, beauty, travel and other sectors, and offers portraits of emerging talents. “Life & Style” sends you into the future with cross-disciplinary, inspirational ideas!




Edito – Page 3

# Trust # Confiance – Page 4

Interview – Page 6

Megatrends – Page 10

The Attitudes Wheel – Page 14

Prospective profiles & Influences – Page 16

Theme 1 : The Symbolists – Page 17

Theme 2 : The Invincibles – Page 69

Theme 3 : The Virtuous – Page 121

Theme 4 : The Flamboyants – Page 173

Conclusion – Page 224

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