Living Expressions Fall-Winter 2020-2021

This winter the lifestyle sector proves that the future is easy to imagine when stories abound! And if we want to keep imagining the future we must know the bases, master references, respect traditions and draw inspiration from what we learnt from the past. More than ever aware of the issues concerning the protection of our human, natural and cultural world, people of all generations are now accepting to look back and recognize our exceptional legacy. Living Expressions shows that the romantic trend is evolving to create a new, stranger, dark and sensual atmosphere, while chic brutalism emerges as a new faux low profile status and reinvent design in an unpretentious mood where the chic, the precious and the sophisticated meet industrial rigidity and massive volumes.




Point of view – Page 2

NellyRodi Socio Style Observatory – Page 4
Theme 1 : Strange sensuality – Page 6
Theme 2 : Folk utility – Page 38
Thème 3 : Wonderground – Page 70
Thème 4 : Industrial delicacy – Page 102

General color range – Page 137

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