Natural Beauty ENGLISH version

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Naturality is now a prerequisite in the beauty industry.
Based on conversational listening, the first part of this study unravels the truth from the fake of this protean Natural Beauty and decodes the subjects that animate online communities.
Thanks to his forward-looking vision and his knowledge of strategic insights, NellyRodi decrypts – in a second chapter – 4 major consumer profiles to highlight their expectations, lifestyles and uses.
This analysis makes it possible to identify business levers to be activated to apprehend the future of « Naural Beauty ».

The purchase of this online study includes:
– a 2h presentation by two NellyRodi experts
– a deliverable in pdf format of the study submitted at the end of the presentation
– a personalized debrief at the end of the presentation according to your exploratory tracks
More informations: Claudine Martin

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