Prints & Patterns Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Here we are, finally and fully in the 2020s decade. Far from weighing us down, the double-20 is the sign of new beginnings and we’re tempted to write «2.0». The quest for a poetic, hyper-precious Grail propels us into a new, creative magnetic field. The social roles we assume are infused with new fluidity that helps reinvent an allure no longer afraid to display. A new language is invented, mixing the functional with the decorative, the handmade with sports-led design, new knits and neo-skins with outdoor wear, this new vocabulary is hyperlocal yet thoroughly international. The upcoming generation thrills to intense sensations and a new form of luxury that merges ostentation and control, and brings back a rebellious, ultra-stylized, 80s mood.




Edito – Page 2

Table of Content – Page 3

Socio style Observatory by NellyRodi – Page 4
Thème 1 : Strange sensuality – Page 6
Thème 2 : Folk utility – Page 30
Thème 3 : Wonderground – Page 54
Thème 4 : Industrial delicacy – Page 78

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39,4 Mo


240 mm x 350 mm

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