The trends from SxSw 2018 ENGLISH version

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Once again this year, NellyRodi’s forcasting and digital teams have set out to conquer the digital and societal innovations that will shape the world of tomorrow, at the South by South West Festival held March 9 to 18 in Austin, USA.
Summary: Insights & Consumer Attitudes, Digital & Technological Innovations & Creative Inspirations!
Democratization of artificial intelligence, ultra connection to ultra disconnection, what commitments and what actions for a better future? The 2018 edition has just ended and has focused on the CONVERGENCE and INCLUSIVITY of the voices, human and artificial, and the new messengers of our society…

Our teams have decoded for you the latest trends, analyzed from the perspective and cross-sector specific to the agency NellyRodi in communication, retail, fashion, food, beauty and digital.

This presentation can be the subject of a workshop with a team composed of two senior speakers NellyRodi.

Contact: Mara Lellouche