Spotted: the 2 lingerie labels of this Autumn

Focus on two new labels: Livy and Les Girls, Les Boys…

By Alicia Published on 07 September 2017 Share

We mentioned it a few months back, lingerie keeps on reinventing itself. The market climate was galvanized by emerging actors, inspired by new faces,  simpler, more authentic, and claiming to be a new language.

Drawing on that, new labels were born; two among them have caught our eyes: Livy, the newbie supported by the Etam and Vog groups, and Les Girls, Les Boys, the anti- preconceived ideas and established norms. Quick focus…

Launched a few days ago, Livy – which name comes from the first and last letters of the co-founder’s name Lisa Carvy – is a label supported by the Etam and Vog groups. After having designed two exceptional pieces for luxury brands the likes of Dior and Lacroix, she took part in the success story of Undiz and founded her own design workshop called Atelier 31.

Her business model rests upon three ranges, three cities, and three instants: Paris, New-York and Los Angeles. Livy also expresses the richness of contemporary women and adapts to their lifestyles…

A design collective of all kinds (designers, artists, fashion designers, authors, photographers) escorts the label in its adventure. The result? A saga 3.0 which is already making a name for itself, along with a polished imagery resulting from a collective intelligence – of which the benefits are often unsuspected…

Les Girls, Les Boys fits in with the movement as well. Created by Serena Rees – founder of the brand Agent Provocateur – the new line is aimed at the children of a generation whose vision differs from the ones before…

Teased for a few months on Instagram, officially unveiled in the last few days, the brand strikes the culture of genderless with strength. If it has great appeal, it is because it brilliantly comprises the most recent cultural behavior marked by these new generations (Millennials and generation Z).

The label claims to be filter-less, unassuming and honest. In that sense, it encourages multi-culturalism and diverse identities. The communication and collection inspire the fluidity of love and friendship, telling new progressive stories through fascinating tales.

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