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By Alicia Published on 15 June 2020 Share

Why are feminist and LGBT movements inseparable from the fight against racism?

These two struggles, whose history is largely dominated by a white perspective, rise up against racism, in a convergence of struggles essential to the deconstruction of domination.


Sara Sallam’s Orwell jewellery thwarts invasive tracking technology

Brooklyn-based designer Sara Sallam has created a collection of jewelry and accessories. Their particularity? They protect the wearer from technological surveillance without concealing their features.

Sara Sallam orwell jewellery design

Fashion is slowly making a comeback in galleries and museums

Here is the program of exhibitions in Paris and the regions, galleries and museums that have already reopened in May and others in June. But the major exhibitions will wait until September.

Exposition Sophie Hong. @Jen Keane, This is grown, 2018 Mucem - Marianne Kuhn.

Fashion’s post-growth future

In its current growth-at-all-cost model, fashion is wreaking havoc on the environment and operating unsustainably. The future could be accepting reduced growth.

© Erika Santelices, Getty Images

From “bling” to “clean”, the beauty revolutions since 1980

Routines and beauty routines have changed a lot since 1980. The philosopher Camille Froidevaux-Metterie and the ethnologist Elisabeth Azoulay question in a few key words the relationship of women to their image.

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Cover image credit: Sara Sallam © Photography by Jesse Maltby

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Cosmetics and beauty rituals in the age of quantum physics

Quantum science is revolutionizing our thinking about art and inno-vation and shaking up the realm of deep tech – e.g. digital, algorithmic and microelectronic technologies – the term “quantum” is increasingly used in the well-being and beauty sectors. That’s in theory. What about in practice?


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